This is our distro list – it was updated: March 21, 2019

This is our current list of Chaos Control releases:

CC001 – Anord: A Symphony Of Violence CD (SOLD OUT!)
CC002 – Force Fed Lies: Begging for Change CD
CC003 – Frenetix/Decontrol/Anord: …And Still It’s Grim Up North! CD
CC004 – Hellkrusher: Wasteland Unreleased
CC005 – Cress: Propaganda And Lies CD
CC006 – Anti-System: Discography 1982 – 1986 CD
CC007 – Winds of Genocide: The Arrival of Apokalyptic Armageddon CD
CC008 – Satanic Malfunctions/Cause of Divorce: Split CD
CC009 – Hellkrusher: Human Misery CD (coming April 2019)

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We prefer to trade this stock over anything else first.

We are happy for the odd distro item to be included, but it is our label releases that will be available for trade primarily.

This is our list of other releases:

DEC02 – Decontrol: Fear Is The Key CD
Various – Complicit in the Murder of Millions 7″ EP (limited stock left!)
Various – Never Mind The Nostalgia, Here’s Some DIY 12″ Pic Disc (limited stock left!)

We also carry small amounts of the following stock:

Agathocles/Disorder ‎– Total Braindead/Massacre Of Fish CD
Andy T – I Still Hate Thatcher 7″
Ballpeen – Loose Knot CD
Burnt Cross – Wheels of Misfortune CD
Coma – s/t CD
Consume – s/t CD
Discard – Death From Above 7″ EP
DOA – Live Free or Die CD
DOA – Festival of Atheists CD
The Fiend – Stand Alone 7″ EP
Gride – Horizont Událostí CD
In Nomine Christi – Quo Vardis LP
Inebrious Bastard / Dark Horse split 7″
Inebrious Bastard / Terrorist split 7″
Malignant Tumour – Dawn of a New Age CD
Mob 47 – Kärnvapen Attack – 7″ EP
New York Against The Belzebu / Sore Throat ‎– Victims Of Human Violence CD
Paranoia Keeps Crawling – Made to be Broken CD
The Rioters – A Better Class of Cocktail CD
See You In Hell – Útok CD
Subhumans – Internal Riot CD
Thisclose – Chapter III LP
Visions Of War ‎– Swine Parade CD
Zounds – The Curse of Zounds CD
Various – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Benefit 4-Way Split 7″
Various – Who? What? Why? When? Where? CD
Various – This Is The A.L.F. CD


Anger Burning – Issue 6
A Network of Friends omnibus fanzine
Our Future – Volume 1 Issue 3
Our Future – Volume 1 Issue 4
Stop All Wars #1

Bulk Orders, Trades, etc:

All of the above are available from our Chaos Control Distro Shop on Bandcamp or contact us direct via our Chaos Control Facebook page to arrange for bulk orders or trades.