Force Fed Lies are a trio of punk rockers, hailing from South Shields (mainly) in North East England. They play fast, catchy and raucous punk.

Chaos Control approached the lads in Force Fed Lies, as we knew that they were looking at releasing what were 2 5-track sessions as a full album on CD.

After some discussions, the album ‘Begging For Change’ was put together, artwork mastered and replicated and released in early 2018.


1 Killing Time
3 Tragic Day
4 9/11
5 Force Fed Lies
6 Eye For An Eye
7 No Go Area
8 Betrayers Of Trust
9 Parasites
10 Bibles And Bombs

You can buy a copy of ‘Begging For Change’ over at our Bandcamp distro:

Here’s some footage of Force Fed Lies at the their debut gig, playing at The Black Bull: