Focussing on the Metal and Rock side of music, Good Mourning Records strives to bring you the cutting edge of both genres as well as established acts. Very much the same ethos as Chaos Control, the label aims to assist and promote artists and with the experience of the parent label, offer the same artistic services such as mastering, release artwork and promotional items.

We’re based in the North East of England but we are to all intent and purpose a global label. We can assist in getting your release into the Americas and the Far East as well as Europe.

Find us on Facebook to get in touch to see just how we can help you.

Our first signing is Enshroudment – a Funeral Doom Metal band. Find out more on our Facebook page or the official Enshroudment page.

There’s a preview of the first track of the debut EP “As The Light Is Entinguished”, too:

We released Grave Altar’s demo “Hell’s Necromancer” on limited edition tape next, which was well-received.

Our latest signing is Durham UK’s Epic Doom band Nine Altars, which are to release their debut album “The Eternal Penance” in March. Pre-orders for the album are available via our Limited Run storefront now:

You can hear the first track of the album on YouTube: