Welcome to Chaos Control!

Hi everybody!

We are Chaos Control…

We’ve formed because we want to offer support to the music scene in North East England and beyond.

For a start. we’re offering up CDs from 2 bands: Anord and Decontrol. In fact it is the names of these 2 bands that form the name of our label. ‘Anord’ means chaos, by the way…

We’re also promoting our first gig soon. Friday November 3rd sees Bollocks, Anord and Decontrol playing at The Soundroom in Gateshead.

Expect more from us soon – feel free to hit our Shop and order yourselves some merchandise, perhaps?


  1. Hails guys , I really want both Uncoffined tapes please , but I can only send cash through the post , I get paid on the 11th of April so if you could let me know how much postage will be as well please


    Mark Stanley

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