Mission Statement

We enable the music of artists to reach audiences they could only have dreamt of.

Who We are

We’re a label. We’re a distro. We’re a promoter. Comprising of two members of bands from the North East England punk scene, we took parts of our two band names at the time to come up with our company name, it was as simple as that!

Our relationship with artists

What we really want is to work with the artists┬áto include as much support as they want or require. We would never dream of taking over creative control – that’s simply not us. If you’re with us, then we go on the journey together and we respect your creativity – always.

The power of co-operation

We like to have a co-operative approach to ‘business’. We have many in-house departments available for guidance and assistance, where it might be required.


We’re actively seeking out other DIY distros in the UK as well as the USA and in the Far East, so that we can reach the places other distributers cannot reach.


We can offer extensive help with your artwork, whether it’s a simply putting finished pieces into templates, scanning and digitising existing pieces or creating new works from scratch, if we can help, we will!