This was our first release and in fact was given the ‘CC’ catalogue number before Chaos Control was really set up an running. We knew it was going to happen though, so it was reserved for the Anord album.

1 Intro / Atomised Society
2 Standing In The Dole Queue
3 Every Eight Minutes
4 Listen To The Screams
5 Bring Me Their Heads
6 Little Town Of Bethlehem
7 Any Mick Will Do
8 Go And Kill Yourself
9 War Machine
10 A Moment Of Violence

Produced locally, the album was professionally duplicated with proper on-CD printing and jewel case booklet and tray inner.

It was sold out by end of 2018, so you’ll have to look on distros or similar to find a copy.

Here’s some footage of the band in action at an intimate gig over at The Soundroom in Gateshead, UK: